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A quirky immigrant family, struggling to maintain their Tanzanian heritage, while living in a chaotic suburban city.

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The Matumbila's family standing in front of their home.

Fake conspiracies, Trap music, and
Halal Gyros

When Hashim and Zainat immigrated from Tanzania to a small city named Hopeland in Massachusetts, their goal was to build an infrastructure for their future kids. They didn’t expect that their “future kids”, Amina, Rajab, and Zulfiqar would have their own interests.

Fake conspiracies, Trap Music, and Halal Gyros. Hashim and Zainat Matumbila try to implement they're Tanzanian cultural upbringing to Amina, Rajab, and Zulfiqar Matumbila, however everyone is trying to balance their Tanzanian roots, on American soil.

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Community Letters

My youngest daughter can't take her eyes off this cartoon. I must admit I was first to watch it and was hooked. Tons of great content on kweliTV!!!

— Jon Logan, (comment on Twitter)

My 7 year old son LOVES THIS SHOW!! I do as well and feel comfortable with him watching it! Great content and comedy scripts! Much love from St. Louis, Missouri.

— Ladiee Huslaa, (comment on kweliTV)

Check out this great show from #STCC grad @ZMaster_29!

— Springfield Technical Community College, (Twitter)

"They call me Hash browns at work." I cracked up!!

— hugmel, (Instagram comment)